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NOMT YOUTH is a micro-boutique agency based in New Orleans, owned and run by Native New Orleanean, Kate Adair, and assisted by Junior Agent, Ronald Chavis. 

Together we represent youth of all ages in the Southeast Region. We are small but take pride in the diversity, talent and reliability of our roster.

We represent talent age 4 to 99 in film, television and commercials. We submit  primarily for the Southeast region, which includes  Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Texas and the Carolinas. Depending on talent's willingness to travel, we also submit to L.A. and NYC, Canada and other international markets when productions extend their calls to the Southeast.



New Orleans Model and Talent (NOMT) originally belonged to the late, great talent agent, Claudia Speicher. Claudia was mother and mentor to thousands of actors over the span of a four decades long career as an extraordinary talent agent with a knack for opening doors for her talent and telling you the absolute, blunt truth. 

In January of 2014, Claudia passed away unexpectedly. The youth division of the agency was bequeathed to Ann Kadar. Ann was running the agency to success when her own career took off with the recurring role of Olivia on The Walking Dead. She pulled in actor/then teacher Kate Adair, who had been represented and loved by Claudia. In a short amount of time, Ann made Kate partner and soon after, her own career took off. In January of 2017, Ann left the roster to Kate, but in parting recruited the multi-talented Ronald Chavis, Jr. 

This year has brought the agency many successful bookings. Kate and Ronald continue to build upon the legacy Claudia left, with NOMT YOUTH. Ann checks in from time to time to lend wisdom and insight from her experiences. 



Ronald Chavis - Jr. Talent Agent

Ronald is a morning person--He likes the day. Catches early morning.

Kate Adair - Owner/ Senior Talent Agent

Kate is a night person. Fields the late night. 

Together we switch off pretty seamlessly and meet somewhere in the middle.


Beyond our focus on the short term goals of our immediate inboxes, we like to think towards the overall, sustained success of the Southeast region in the film and television industry. 

Amidst the haste of this business, we take time (within reason) with our transactions to reread and contemplate what we are communicating and how, because it matters. We look to casting directors, other talent agencies and even talent not on our roster, as our valued allies. We have real respect for the work being legitimately done in this region. Some say the Southeast is The Wild West because it is relatively, only newly being considered as a real source for serious talent. So we all need to do well. When you see anyone from this region rising up, that benefits us all. Our faith in this puts our work in context beyond the grind of the day to day, and helps keep us cheerful.

Ronald Chavis


Junior Talent Agent

Ronald Chavis graduated from Loyola University a year early with a B.A. in Theater Arts. He currently works as a Orangetheory Fitness coach where he excels in helping people meet their health and wellness goals.  Ronald is a go-getter and someone who has a gift working with people. He brings excellence to all his work with NOMT Youth.   

Kate Adair


Owner and Senior Agent

Kate Adair graduated from Wellesley College with honors with a B.A. in English Literature. She has been working as an actor herself for close to a decade. Before coming to the agency, Kate worked in the art world as an art docent, a teacher, a set dresser, a costumer, a script supervisor for safety videos, and a professional photographer. All of her experiences inform her work in this field.

Actor Resources

Audition Tapers New Orleans

Best way to contact is either text/email

Voice Monet (Mid-City/Hollygrove)


Candi Brooks - Second Line Stages


(book via email or her website)

Samantha Beaulieu 



Audition Tapers Metairie

Best way to contact is either text/email

Hunter McGregor



Debby Gaudet


Paola St. Angelo 


Melissa James 

(502) 386-5258 (Kentucky area code)

Eduardo Losan


Audition Tapers Baton Rouge

Best way to contact is either text/email

Anne Peytavin


Cody Dedon


Headshot Photographers

Adam Intriago


Hero Photographs - Kate Adair


Angelica Johnson Smith

Childish Couture Photography


(225) 276-0096

Sean Richardson (Baton Rouge)


Cameron Radice (Los Angeles)



Dana Patrick (Los Angeles)



Debby Gaudet


Lance Nichols


Jim Gleason 



Janet Shea (English and American dialects) :

(504) 439-5561

Audrey Wagner (American dialects):





Due to pilot season, we are currently not accepting submissions. Will update site when we are open to receiving them again!~


My baby wants to get into modeling. How do I join?

For the most part, it is hard for babies to work on films and we are not looking for infants unless you have twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc. That said, we believe  early childhood development activities that encourage your child to explore the arts is a great way to start. Dancing, singing, music study of any kind, gymnastics, sports, and languages are all talents we look for when your child is older.

Feel free to stay in touch by following our FB page. When there are open calls for babies, we will post there.

I'm an adult and I don't know if I want to do acting professionally.  I would like to try it out. How do I start?

This is a demanding industry and it requires a solid commitment from you.

We strongly encourage you to see if you have the stamina it takes by working as an extra first. This is a great way to learn set etiquette and get a sense of the rhythm of production. Test yourself to see if your personality is a good match for the inevitable "hurry up and wait" that is to be expected at all levels of film production. 

As an extra, your job is to be the background. But there is an art to this work, too. Unless given specific action-- and that does sometimes happen--your job is to blend in. So it can be hard, the Extra-ing of the Self. But will ensure you are never rude to Background if you do go on to book featured roles.

If you  find, too, that you do indeed like being on set, the bare minimum of your investment to work in this industry will be good head shots. (Aside: You will never be asked to pay an upfront fee. Bookings cannot be promised. Be wary of big promises quickly to make your child a star. Many of our roster have worked years to book. This work takes time.) Begin with solid, professional headshots and a clean,easy-to-read resume.

What will I need to have in place starting out?

-Reliable transportation

-A cellular device that is on and frequently checked

-Backup charger

-A willingness to hustle (sometimes you have to drop everything to put yourself on tape, this business moves with speed.)

Classes and a good coach/taper are also recommended. Do yourself a favor and stay in shape and ready to work. Keep challenging yourself so that when opportunity knocks you are ready to bring your best game. Also, just to keep your love in tact.

What is the big deal about headshots?

Your headshot is your calling card. We are working in a visual medium and this is how you are first seen. Your headshot needs to look recognizably like you. It is a very specific type of photograph. Many people claim to do head shots, so you need to do your research. Look at what professional head shots look like and find a photographer who either does this for their living, or is working towards that point. Invest in yourself. 

Also, make sure that your photographer does not over edit. The software tools being used are incredibly powerful, but if you come out looking over airbrushed (and this is particularly true of shots of children), it looks unnatural. The same can be said for editing tools that manufacture catch lights in the eyes.  Catch lights are very hard to replicate and can ruin an otherwise good shot. 

How important is it that you know your brand coming in to work with the agency? 

When you are very young, we like to see how you book before we go heavily into brand consideration. When you are older it becomes more important. How do you see yourself? How do others see you? How do you bridge the gap between what you know to be you vs. what you are always said to be. What do you bring to a role that is specific to who you are, while serving the script and becoming part of the reality of the world your character inhabits?

This can be fun. There are classes and webinars on branding. The other thing, too, is if you try to push yourself for a season as one brand and it doesn't work, you can rebrand yourself over until you find what works. Often times in your career you will find yourself doing this, bc we always change as time progresses. 

How big is your roster?

We are very small and like to keep it below 100 clients. We are looking for long term relationships with our client. When we take you on, you are our investment. We think of this work as a long distance race and are looking for good running partners.

Is film coming back to Lousiana?

Things are looking up.


Is there anything you actively avoid in seeking new clients? 

We pride ourselves on our roster's diversity and cherish all of our talent for their individuality. Our roster is a multicultural community of people from diverse racial, ethnic, gender, and class backgrounds, national origins, faith backgrounds, political beliefs, abilities, and sexual orientations. If this discomforts you, we are probably not the agency for you. 

Lateness is a turn off. Productions operate on a huge scale--Imagine a giant hundred thousand dollar wedding being thrown every day. When it comes to being on set, on time is late. Get there early. 

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